Our Story

Our Story




In 1882, Hissho Susaki Co., Ltd was founded in Takasaki, Gunma, Japan. 


Since then, this company continues to produce high quality, individually handmade brushes in Hiroshima Kumano.

This year (2020) will be our 138th anniversary.

1882年(明治15年)創業。稀有な筆匠、二代目洲崎久知郎により洲崎文開堂に改組。現・株式会社 筆匠洲崎。広島・熊野で職人たちによって一本一本手作りで作られた、最高級品質の日本伝統筆を世に出し続けている企業。


Hissho Susaki c. 1882



Sui was the sole woman who took action as a key member of the Shodou Association.

After the war, GHQ proposed to eliminate Japanese culture. Japan had scarce resources during that time. Knowing so, she brought her brushes to various elementary schools. Sui poured her efforts into distributing her culturally significant brushes throughout Japan.

先代、久知郎の妻であるスイは、日本人女性らしく、強さと優しさで夫と筆を生涯支えた。私たちは彼女からインスピレーションを受け、彼女の名前スイという文字をブランド名に。SUI TOKYOは筆匠洲崎のプロデュースにより広島・熊野で作られたメイク筆です。

Seated on the left, Sui was the wife of Kyuchirou Susaki. She supported her husband and his brushes with her powerful energy and gentle heart. We were truly inspired by Sui and how she led her life; thus the name of our brand, SUI TOKYO was born.





Kyuchiro's brushes received many gold medals from national technology awards.

Kyuchiro produced his brushes in Kumano. After Kyuchiro passed away, Sui took over his business. His renowned brushes were loved by famous poets and artists, such as Mitsuo Aida and Shikou Munakata.



写真左、筆匠洲崎に嫁いだ私の祖母である洲崎静江は、夫である3代目 洲崎時陸没後、写真右 すいのように現在、代表取締役として筆匠洲崎を支え続けている。彼女が筆匠洲崎の書道の筆をメイクの筆に変えたいという夢が15年前からあったのを知り、私は彼女とメイク筆ブランド、SUI TOKYOを立ち上げました。

A Destined Opportunity

The woman on the left is my grandmother, who wed to Tokiji Susaki. As though she was following Sui in her footsteps, after her husband Tokiji had passed, she continued to lead Hisshou Susaki as CEO. It was only until recently that I learned of her 15-year-old dream to develop our calligraphy brushes as makeup brushes. Having been a beauty devotee for as long as I can remember, it was none other than fate to realize her dream and establish SUI TOKYO with her.

こうして守り続けてきた筆匠洲崎が創り出す日本の伝統筆。先代が代々守り続けてきた女性らしさと優しさ・癒しをイメージし、祖母の書道の筆を、メイクの筆に変えるという夢を引き継ぎ、私たちは、最高級品質のメイク筆-SUI TOKYOへと変化させました。

We have continued to preserve the great legacy of Japan‘s traditional brushes. While maintaining the grace and serenity that the previous generations have perfected, we have developed our mission into curating makeup brushes of utmost quality. Although our legacy is rich in Japanese artisan tradition, it is our dream for our brand to be loved by many all over the world. Through our traditional Japanese brushes, we present to you, SUI TOKYO--the embodiment of femininity, kindness, and healing.

株式会社 SUI

代表 有賀友美

SUI, Inc.

Tomomi Ariga, CEO



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